The Time to Play among the Borders of the Possible is a Gift

Trevor Root: I’m curious about the expectations you set for both pickles & jams and fukc all the king’s men: the tower and a few beasts living in its rubble. In the acknowledgements for each you lay out a terminology for the poems: “occasional poems” for p&j and “speculative poems” for fatkm. In doing so, you seem to both lay out and unsettle an authoritative process for reading (“there is a way to read these poems, but it’s a process of reading tied to and only present in the poems themselves”). To what extent are you interested in using your work to challenge the understanding of reading (and perhaps understanding itself)?

An Interview with cris cheek by Brittanie Marques

"Why don't we just do it with our voices?":
a moment in time with Chris Goode

Chris Goode, just back from doing Open House in Leeds, and feeling more energised than ever at the possibilities — indeed, the present realities — of “provisional community” in theatre: and so, a little unexpectedly, that’s where the conversation began…

Interview with Lawrence Upton

[The discussion took place through 2009 and the first part of 2010 and would have been continued face to face in Ohio after the last post_moot if things had gone according to plan. In the event, Upton was unable to travel, due to the grounding of passenger air transport. Since then, the participants’ commitments have made it impossible to continue. The discussion is clearly incomplete.]