February 19-21, 2007 TNWK worked in open process at the Base Space of the Chicago Schoool of Art to create their final work together.ย Sheet of Paperย was subsequently exhibited as part of a two-day symposium ‘The Disappearance of Latitude: Live Presence and Realtime in Contemporary Practice.

In 1998, with the turn of the century / millennium approaching, TNWK destroyed 101 books. They have been working with the remnants and the repercussions ever since.

Two sheets of paper, pages 99-100 and pages 101-102 were removed from each book and rebound into sibling volumes, present and available for reading and reference in the installation space.

The rest of the pages were shredded in the Theater School at Utrecht for a festival / symposium on โ€˜The Ephemerality of the Textโ€™ in 1999. These shreds formed the substance of Sheet of Paper, both on the surface of the bed and as a support to the bed itself.

See also: The Books (sources and procedures)ย 

There are 3 projected materials in the installation of Sheet of Paper:

  1. footage of TNWK sleeping on the shreds filmed in the Base Space, using motion capture software (10 frames every 3 seconds over 4.5 hours)
  2. the shredding of a 1961 ‘The Geographical Atlas of the World’, that can be seen framing the bed base.
  3. an extract from a performance of acrostics spelling out the campaign slogan Enduring Freedom.

TNWK would like to thank Openport, Nathan Butler, Mark Jeffery, Judd Morrissey, Lori Talley and Sally Alatalo, Betsy Lewin, Sarah Elliot, Erica Erdmann, Kate Lawroski, David Cook, Trevor Martin, Leah Pietrusiak, without whose generosity and support the work would not have been possible.

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