South(West) Ohio Poets Summer Gathering at Chase Public, Cincinnati (2015)

Reading Jackson Mac Low’s “Forties 19” w/ Charles Bernstein, AWP Conference, Boston (2013)

from “Suddenly Everyone Began Reading Aloud”: A Celebration of Bob Cobbing at the Kelly Writers House (2007)

Program 4 on Radio Radio, New York (2003)

In this Radio Radio program, cris cheek discusses “performance writing” and plays/performs “Public Announcement,” “How Can this Hum Be Human” and other pieces.

Program 10 on Radio Radio w/ Sianed Jones, New York (2003)

For Radio Radio, cris cheek and Sianed Jones present and discuss several versions of their book/CD/performance project Navigations in Sound and discuss how in-situ studies of ethnopoetics have contributed to their own performance styles.

Stranger (1996)

Music of Madagascar (1994)

After hearing the Hira Gasi festivals of Tana, the capital of Madagascar, cris cheek travelled across country in pick-up trucks and dugout canoes to record the strange and still almost unknown yodelling music called karnaky as well as the exuberant serenades of the south west coast – accompanied by some virtuoso football whistling. In an episode of Phantom Power, Mack Hagood interviews cris, who discusses the strangeness and surprises of listening back to the sounds of that other time and place.

produced by Balsam Flex (1977-1978)