Pickles & Jams Book Launch at Miami University (2017)

In Pickles & Jams, cris cheek exposes the very membranes that lie between the sensed-real of the culturally dominant and the barely-sensed hyper-real of the culturally emergent. His poetics (initially spawned and tested in Briton) isn’t of an “epiphany” variety, but rather is borne of a sabre-ready constructivist process, whereby the jettisoning of American Capitalist values is at a premium. And though History’s objects (“nation”, “family”, “self-hood”, “city”, “work-world”) no longer have the capture energy they once did, they are still malignant, and push us around. It is these ghosted objects/identities that cheek takes aim at. Acutely sensible to the post-occupy dilemma of “value the crash / crash the value,” his aesthetic tactics intend on having us both view and act on the spectacle from within. cheek’s ever-increasing readership will once again be delighted to take much needed cultural cues from the most significant Anglo-American poet of our time.

—Rodrigo Toscano

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‘giving tongue’

When I was 4, my dad read me poems at bedtime. I heard a staple diet of Lewis
Carroll and Edward Lear for two following years. It was the phonic logics of these poems that repeatedly drew me in; a hovering between song and poem. Their quirky iambic cadences which hinted at conventional meanings, without appearing to deliver them, snared me. . .

  • excerpt from essay published:

Assembling Alternatives: Reading Postmodern Poetries Transnationally Ed. Romana Huk. Wesleyan. 2003

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